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Sixteen year old Amanda Wilson, who has been  influenced by greats such as Dolly, Reba, Patty, Wynnona, and Bonnie Raitt, has been a singer and performer since the age of five!

Amanda has performed in local and state fairs, festivals, celebrations, and private parties. At the age of thirteen, she competed in a talent show and received rave reviews. She was approached by all of the judges, one of which would soon become her manager. Together they began turning her dreams into a reality.

Amanda Wilson at age 16

Amanda currently has 2 CD's in release nationwide; "Out of Sight, Out of Mind", her country CD, and her newly released gospel CD, "Angels". "Out of Sight Out Of Mind" reflects a maturity in style, voice and emotion one wouldn't expect to find in one so young. The songs for this album were well chosen and well written.   "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is one of those albums you can play again and again without tiring of it.

Among my favorites are "These Dreams", which Amanda sings with a believable depth and heart,  and "Don't Give Up", which holds a very inspirational message to us all.

Other songs on the album include "Southern Cookin'", by Mac Davis, "Bad Loser", by Pam Tillis & Bill Loyd). While these songs are well performed, I would have to say I enjoyed the original compositions the most as they were well suited to Amanda.

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The review above was written 3 years ago (1998). Since then, Amanda has come a LONG WAY!  This HOT news was released March 6, 2001 from her manager, P. B. Carpenter. I just want to add how proud and happy I am for Amanda. I'm so excited for her, being the first of any indie artist on MKOC to be signed to a "real" record company and with producer, James Stroud, no less!

March 2001 News Release:
Things kicked into high gear in the recording industry for Amanda in February.
She met with Dreamworks Records President James Stroud, and they agreed on a record deal that will hopefully be the first of many for her with this Nashville Based Company.

Amanda goes in the studio at Oceanway March 16th to begin recording three of the ten songs which will be on her first album for Dreamworks. The past three months have been very busy trying to decide on what songs to do as well as looking at countless video’s,photographers porfolio’s, and keeping classes running smoothly at school.

The album, if every thing goes as planned will be released this fall, and needless to say there is one happy lady, that has waited a long time for this dream to come true.

This writer has heard the songs that will be on the album and we can tell you that none of her fans will be disappointed.

Congratulations are in order for Amanda, and we wish her the best on becoming the latest Dreamworks Recording Artist.

Now for more news, Amanda will celebrate her 19th birthday this month, so when you read this why don’t you send her an e-mail wishing her a a very happy birthday. She would love to here from each and every one of you.

Falling Star

Home To You

I Like The Way You Are

Amanda Wilson's CD, "Out of Site, Out of Mind"

These Dreams

Don't Give Up

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Produced by Tim Greene & P.B. Carpenter
Copyright 1998 All rights reserved
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Fan Club

E-Mail Amanda

Booking Info
Desert Skyz Management
P. B. Carpenter
P.O. Box 2275LH
Newland, NC 28657

Amanda and her band
Visit the Official Amanda Wilson Homepage

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