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Country/Rockabilly/Rhythm and Blues
That's Aldo, all wrapped up into one neat package and ready for delivery... and deliver is just what Aldo does when he performs. He delivers a song with his uniquely blended style which can only come from the soul.

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Aldo has had many and varied influences in music from Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and Roy Orbison to Bob Segar and Bruce Springsteen to Alabama, Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart. He's also a huge fan of Narvel Felts. He and Narvel both performed at the 1999 Golden Music Awards (GMA), which is how I came to know Aldo,,, and I'm so glad I did. I not only respect Aldo as an artist, I respect him as a person and though we've never met face to face, we've become friends. I find Aldo to be a very undemanding yet ever-ready to please kinda guy. Once you hear him sing, you'll find that his personality comes through in his music.  As Vern Gosdin, "The Voice" himself put it, "The kid's got a lot of soul."

The self titled album, "Aldo" is filled with soul and has done very well on the Indie charts all over the world. It took a year to produce the album, which really isn't all that long considering what goes into producing these days, yet there were no corners cut on sound or quality. It's a first rate production with great musicians and backup vocalists. The music is there to compliment Aldo, not override him and together they make one very smooth blend. From Rockabilly to ballads, it's all there and all sounds great.

Aldo wrote 4 of the 10 songs on this album. To date, five songs (2 of which were written by Aldo) have been released to radio stations around the world and each one has hit the #1 spot.

Feb. '99: After a 23 week run on the Nashville Tracker Top 50 Independent Chart, "My Best Friend" landed at #1, and peaked at #6 on the Indie Central Top 100. The song remained on both charts for a total of 25 weeks.
July '99: After a 21 week run, "Mess Around" hit #1 on the Nashville Tracker Independent Chart and #7 on Indie Central.
Dec. '99: After a 19 week run, "Some Like it Hot" hit #1 on the Nashville Tracker Independent Chart and #3 on Indie Central.
Sept. '00: After a 21 week run, "Life's Bridges" hit #1 on the Indie Tracker Chart. The song peaked at #16 on Indie World, #14 on Inside Country, and #24 on Indie Central before that chart closed in the second week of July.
March '01: After a 19 week run, "I'm On Fire" hit #1 on the Inside Country Chart. The song peaked at #4 on Indie Tracker before the chart closed in the first week of March.

I'd say that's a pretty impressive record but there's more... Aldo has also been nominated for and won awards for his music. He was nominated for five awards at the 2000 Golden Music Awards (GMA) in Nashville, TN - "Artist of the Year", "Male Vocalist", "Rising Star" and "Single of the Year" for "Mess Around". Aldo performed at the event and won the award for "Rockabilly/Country Artist of the Year".  He also won "Rockabilly Artist of the Year at the 2000 OCA in Nevada where he also was a performer for the show. The 7th annual, 2001 GMA will be held in Nashville, TN on June 17th and Aldo has been nominated for "Male Vocalist", "Single of the Year" and "Artist of the Year".

I can ramble on all day about the accolades of Aldo, but I'll do ya one better.. I'll shutup and let you listen for yourself. I think I can safely bet you'll be an Aldo fan as well.

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One Sided Love Affair

My Best Friend

I'm On Fire

King of Country Rhythm and Blues

Life's Bridges

Some Like it Hot

(p) 1999 Lil Bitty Productions    All Rights Reserved

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Visit Aldo's Website for more info

E-Mail Aldo Breze

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