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While on Pat's site, I clicked on a song clip,  "When I See Her Again" (I liked the title).  I heard the first 3 notes he sang and that was all it took... I was in love with "the voice"!  Now that I've heard both of his CDs, over and over, I love his style, his timbre, his vocal range, and how he stays true to traditional country music. I love the way he "feels" a song rather than just sing it... that cry in his voice that can only come from the heart... the reality of life and love blended with each note...  Man!... I just love to hear this man!


Pat-tanshirt.jpg (5533 bytes)

Pat-OnStage.jpg (11109 bytes)With such an abundance of talent from one artist,  you'd think it would be easy to write a review about Pat James but to be honest, it's actually harder. How do I put into words how much Pat's music affects me as I'm sure if affects others. I almost feel like I'm writing about a legend, where all of the best has already been said by those with more skill than myself. While the witticisms aren't flowing through my brain and into my keyboard, Pat's music is filling my senses with each song that plays as I contemplate my "strategy". I've come to the conclusion that talking about Pat James isn't about "strategy", it's simply honesty and heartfelt praise and most of all, the honor I feel for the opportunity to introduce you to a young man that is going to be around for years to come. Nothing can hold back or pull the plug on a talent such as Pat's... it's a force bigger than the "suits" who decide who will or won't be a "Star". Pat is already a star in his own right. You only need to listen to his music to understand that.

You'll find that even his songwriting is as epic as that of the legends. Pat's wish is to "put the 'Western' back into country music". His songs alone could accomplish that task, but it's far more enhanced by his rendition of each song as the notes and words flow (seemingly) effortlessly from him. "Country music is a way of life to me, it's not a fashion or fad, " says Pat.

Rodeo.jpg (10680 bytes)You see, Pat was born and raised in Arizona. He doesn't just sing "western", he IS western. Like George Strait, that hat is on his head for a reason.. he is the real deal.. he's an artist AND a cowboy!

Pat has two albums. The first, "Some Like It Country" (2001) is filled with 14 tracks, all but two written by Pat James himself. He not only wrote and sang the songs, his mastering of both the acoustic and electric guitar is heard in each one and he also produced the CD. The music is flawlessly melded with James' voice, always complimenting, never overtaking it. Pat is working with top notch musicians which bring to life each instrument, acoustic guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, electric guitar, piano and drums. All form together as one to make a magical background of harmony and help bring each song to life in it's own right.

Pat's latest CD, "It's My Life" pretty much sums it up...  filled with 14 songs; 4 written by Pat James and the rest  written and/or recorded by his heroes in country music and while you know each song and who sang it,  you'll feel the influence they held in during his youth and his way of life but you'll only hear "PAT" singing the songs. While my talent as a wordsmith is lacking to say the least, I'm sure you get the point... if you don't, just listen to, "It's My Life" and you'll understand it quite clearly. Take notice on the song made famous by one of my heroes, Gene Watson, "Farewell Party" (written by Lawton Williams). Though I don't  create full song clips, I wanted you to hear Pat's style and moreover, his vocal range so I made two clips. The main part of the song and then, the "finale"! If you don't hear anything else, you've got to hear that! You may also notice that I made far more song clips than my norm... it was simply too difficult to chose only 5 out of 14 songs on each CD, so there are 11 clips from each below for your enjoyment. One of the songs not featured (and it was a tough choice) is "Something" by the late great George Harrison (of the Beatles). Pat took this already lovely pop love song and made it the purest of pure country love ballads. It just goes to show, you can't really predict what will come from Pat James next, but you can be sure it'll be country all the way!

Pat has become a local country hero to many in Arizona, Texas, even Las Vegas as well as other parts of the US, but moreover, he has garnered a huge following in Europe. in 2004 and 2005 he has been the headliner prestigious country music festivals in France, Germany and Italy. Bringing it back home, he's also performed at the Planet Hollywood in Paris and Amarillo, TX and the '04 &'05 Coors Cowboy Roundup Rodeo Ranch and at Grahams Central Station. He has been voted "The Best Country & Western Saloon Vocalist" by the True West Magazine staff and readers in the "2003 Best of the West" special issue. He also has been voted the "Best Western Singer" by the High Sonoran Style Magazine staff and readers.

I can sit here forever and try to be more clever in my presentation of Pat's music but I've always gone by one rule of thumb. "The proof is in the pudding"! Dive in and take a big bite of Pat James... you'll be an "instant" fan!

Final thoughts ... if you're with some HUGE record label and have read this review and listened to Pat's music and don't try to sign him up... you'll regret it later. Thanks to Circle Cross Music (An Indie label that knows talent when they hear it) I don't regret a thing because I own both of his CDs and I can play them over and over... and Circle Cross Music is reapin' it's rewards. It is you, the record labels that will lose.. the way you've lost on so many other great talents. Learn from from your history rather than repeat your mistakes. This ain't no hat act.. Pat James is the real deal... he's what real country music fans are starving for and he's....  "My Kind of Country"

Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country

CD-SomeLikeItCountry.jpg (7713 bytes)
2001  Circle Cross Music LLC
All Rights Reserved

Buy "Some Like It Country @


CD Baby

Bud's Pearl

Just Fillin' In

City Lights

Let Me Live Long Enough

I Love To See You Dancin'

I'd Give It All

Are Those Real Tears

When I See Her Again

Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart

The Man You Used To Know

Forgive Me If I Forget

CD-ItsMyLife.jpg (9037 bytes)
2005  Circle Cross Music LLC  
All Rights Reserved

Buy "It's My Life" @


CD Baby

She's Kind

I'm The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised

Farewell Party

Farewell Party (the Finale) *

Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry

It's All Coming Back

He Likes The Young Ladies

Begging To You

What In The World

I Needed You

Night Life

Visit the Pat James Web Site site for more info & Music!

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Circle Cross Music LLC
Isabelle Pierson
PO Box 1898
Cave Creek, AZ
Tel : (623) 742-6369

European Contact :
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