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I've seen many of the reviews written about Clay and while they all sang his praises, just as I intend to do, there is more to Clay Dubose that sets him apart from many of his peers. Each review I read, the reviewer loved his music but for many different reasons.. the styles he sang and who they felt influenced said styles. 

His style and sound have been described in a variety of ways from Texas Swing to Bakersfield to country rock and Americana. He's been likened to artists such as George Strait, Dwight Yoakum, Winn Stewart and Bob WIlls all the way to the Mavericks.  I have to admit, that's quite an impressive group to be placed into.

I'll go out on a limb and say they're half right. Clay does run the gamut of such styles making this a very eclectic gathering of tunes, which combines a collection of tracks what are bound to appeal to all country fans in general, yet cater to the connoisseur of any given style.

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What many need to consider in today's market place where new country artists are overtaking airwaves and I might add, with some very fine songs, I still find myself trying to distinguish one from another. While their choice of material is A+ and they are blessed with the vocal talent to make the charts, there is one thing lacking in many of the "new acts" I've encountered... a "distinct sound". A voice that is instantly recognizable the moment you hear them. Yet I find myself waiting and hoping that the DJ will announce who that artist was, which rarely happens during my listening time.

All of the above is what brings Clay to the forefront. You cannot pigeon-hole his style or sound to any one package. He is in a class of his own, which I have dubbed as "CLAY COUNTRY". He sings what suits him and delivers it in his own unique styling.

It takes more than just talent to really make it when you're swimming in a sea of 1000s of vocally talented artists. Instant recognition is as much a prerequisite (if not more-so) than the ability to sing well. Distinction, style and the art of delivery" making each song "your own"(regardless of who may have sung it before or may sing it later). Any good singer can croon, "He Stopped Loving Her Today" but I have yet to hear anyone who could "own" it. The Possum still holds the musical black belt.   No matter the choice of song, or how he performs it, when Willie sings, you know instantly... "that's Willie Nelson". You'll find no less from Clay Dubose.

“These Days” features 12 new songs, all but one written or cowritten by Clay Dubose. The production/musical talents of Will Ray (Hellecasters), Brian Hofeldt (Derailers), Augie Meyers (Texas Tornados, Sir Douglas Quintet, Bob Dylan), Garth Hudson (The Band, Burrito Deluxe) Ed Adkins (Derailers), Scott Mathews (Derailers), Danny Timms (The Highwaymen, Bonnie Raitt, Los Lobos, Delbert McClinton), Mike Daily (Ace in the Hole Band), Rami Jaffee (the Wallflowers), Dusty Wakeman (Dwight Yoakum, Lucinda Williams, Jim Lauderdale) and Big John Mills. Clay was not only intelligent about choosing such talents to work with, he was blessed that they realized his talent enough to want to work with him. That in itself is a true testament to his talent!

I have to take a moment to mention my all time favorite song on "These Days" and that's track 12, written by Bob Dylan, "I Threw It All Away". Backed only by a piano, Clay truly "owns" this song vocally. This is where you can best hear the pureness of his vocals, the reality of his heart and soul pouring out as he sings... this is what makes Clay a cut above.

Bottom line... Mr. Dubose has the ability to make a song his and make you believe it's there just for you and there will never be a doubt in your mind as to who is performing the song.

Keep your eyes and ears pealed because Clay Dubose is climbing the country charts world-wide and I believe he's gonna make his mark.

"CLAY COUNTRY" is My Kind of Country!
1-6-06 Marlene "Marli" Slater
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My Kind of Country

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Long Lonely Life


She Cries

Big Scary Heart

Crack in the Armor

I Threw It All Away

2005 Lazy River Records    All Rights Reserved

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Buy These Days Here

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Also Available for Sale Rewriting History

Visit the Clay Dubose site for more info and music!

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