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Shelby Lynne

Shelby LynneShelby is by far one of the BEST Female vocalist in country music! don't hear her on the radio, but I hope you've at least seen her videos. She has appeared with countless country stars and is always in demand for events. Seems odd to me how she is so well loved, admired and respected by so many and heard by so few! This tiny little gal has a voice bigger than Nashville itself! There isn't a song she can't sing and trust me...if you've ever had a broken heart, Shelby sings it the way you felt it. Her albums include "Sunrise" (1989) "Tough All Over" (1990) "Softtalk" (1991) "Temptation" (1993) and "Restless" (1995). If you know of any recordings she's done that I don't have listed here, please mail me with the info. Note: It was stated a few years ago that Shelby and Willie Nelson made an album together but it's never been released. If you have any info on this please advise me. Thank you.

Unofficial Shelby Lynn Homepage

Shelby Lynn CDs Here

Mandy Barnett

BarnettMandy played the role of Patsy Cline for two years and can sound closer to Patsy than anyone I ever heard. She is also a gifted songstress in her own right and her album, "Mandy Barnett" is a tribute to this testimony.

For more info On Mandy visit Mandy'sOfficial Homepage!

Fan Site:

Mandy Barnett: A Feature From Great American Country

A note for my new pal C. Bailey and all of Mandy's fans: Mandy is rapidly (or should I say "FINALLY") gaining attention! To get more info on her go to Yahoo Search, type in Mandy/Barnett and see all the listings you'll get! Have fun ;)

Mandy Barnett CDs, Videos, Posters and more Here 


Joy Lynn White

Joy Lynn WhiteJoy's album, "Wild Love" received rave revues in all the magazines.....there have been wonderful articles expounding her talent.....and the radio stations in these parts don't know she exists! It's a crime that such a voice goes unheard to those who would be fast and furious fans!

Joy Lynn White Web Site

Joy Lynn White CDs Here


Deborah Allen

AllenDeborah Allen has a strong, rich, vibrantly beautiful voice. She can croon the blues, rock the tree tops, and bring a tear to your eye. Her first album, "Delta Dreamland" (1992) is a "must" for any country lover. Her last album, "All That I Am" (1994) proves all that she is!

Deborah Allen Web Site

Deborah Allen CDs Available Here


Bobbie Cryner

CrynerHere's another entry dedicated to my Ma. Hey! She's my concert going pal! Seriously now......Bobbie is a multi-talented woman with a rich strong voice and if you haven't heard her yet, don't just sit there! Go get anyof her albums and I promise you will not be disappointed. Keep up the good work Bobbie! P.S. Ma's waiting for a new album!

Bobbie Cryner CDs Available Here



Gillian Welch

Gillian WelchGillian and her partner David Rawlings are reincarnations of country's roots. Pure, sweet, simple yet dynamic.....describing them is beyond words. I had the pleasure of chatting with David at the Country Music Fest and was impressed so much by his generous, kind, easy, totally unassuming nature. I did not have the opportunity to speak with Gillian for longer than it took to get her autograph and give her my sincere praises but it's obvious in a second that they are alike in manner as well as talent.  P.S. Ma was snapping away with the camera like a hounding reporter the entire time David and I talked........guess what role of film it was? You got it...the same one that we lost with the pic of Daryll and me........BUMMER! You're a sweetheart David...thanks for spending so much time with me.

Gillian Welch     Gillian Welch CDs Available Here


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