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Duos To Look For

Now I love Brooks and Dunn as much as anyone but I think it's time the music moguls who seem to call the shots on what y'all get to hear wake up and give the rest of these folks a chance to be heard. I think even Ronny and Kix would agree even if meant they'd have more competition.'s up to y'all to make a difference....listen to these duos and then insist on hearing MORE of them through your local radio stations!

Update: These pages were created in 1997 or there about. Some of the info is outdated.. such as calling your radio station for requests.. HA... ain't gonna happen. Some of the artists listed here are no longer singing together and some web sites that did exist are now gone... the good news is... there's a NEW web site for one pair with all of their music in tact as well as facts.

Archer Park

a-p1.jpg (11535 bytes)

Anything you need to know about Randy Archer and Johnny Parks you can find on their homepage....including the latest news! They are in search of a new recording label! You won't have to depend on my "say-so" on their talent. They've got audio clips on all their music on the site as well as info, pics...So what are ya waitin' on?? You can always come back here! Go check 'em out! :) 

Update: Archer & Park are no longer together and the website is gone as well.


CD-WeGotAlotInCommon.jpg (6620 bytes)
CD "We Got A Lot In Common"

Archer Park CDs Available Here


Baker & Myers

Baker and Meyers

I'm sure at least some of you have heard of Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers. Of course if I'd have relied on the biggest radio station in Cleveland I never would have. I heard them on the Akron station WQMX and after hearing the first few lines of "These Arms" I went in search of the album. Though Baker and Myers are among the most well known on this page, they aren't as widely known as they deserve to be among country fans. Gary and Frank co-wrote each song on their album "Baker and Myers" (1994) proving that their harmony goes far  beyond their voices.

Baker & Myers Info:

Baker & Myers were professional contemporary country songwriters based in Nashville. After Alabama had a hit with the duo's "Once in a Lifetime" and John Michael Montgomery took "I Swear" to number one (the song was also a pop and R&B hit by All 4 One), Baker & Myers launched a performing career, releasing their eponymous debut on Curb Records in the fall of 1995. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Nominated CMA's 1996 - Vocal Duo of the Year
This was the only year that the duo was aknowledged for their singing ability. While I feel rather cheated that they no longer record their own songs, I know they're doing well thanks to all the stars who have had #1 hits from Baker & MYers songwriting prowess!

"I'm Already There"
Writers: Gary Baker & Frank Myers
Publishers: Josh Nick Music, Swear By It Music and Zomba Enterprises
Performed by Lonestar

# 1. "I Swear" Gary Baker, Frank Myers

Baker & Meyers CD
CD, "Baker & Myers"


Baker & Myers CD Available Here


Turner Nichols

Turner Nichols

Singer/Songwriters Zack Turner and Tim Nichols have only one album that I know of, "TurnerNichols" (1994). I hope there are more that I just haven't found yet..either way, I'm waiting for a new one to come out! My favorite songs from this album are "Come Saturday Night", "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore", "She Needs A Lover", "Harleys and Horses"....Frankly I love them all but these are the top of the list. Zack and Tim co-wrote all the songs on this album (Keith Stegall also had a hand in "She Needs A Lover") and their dynamic delivery of their music is not something you should deprive yourself of! I can't understand why they aren't up there at the top. I'm sure Brooks and Dunn would be happy to share the airwaves with let's convince the record and radio magnates!

TurnerNichols.jpg (7134 bytes)
CD, "TurnerNichols"

Turner Nichols CDs Available Here




Singers/Songwriters Bob Corbin and Dave Hanner....talented writers as well as singers. Their album "Just Another Hill" (1992) is another favorite of mine. The title song, co-written by both men is about love and strength, but I think the title states what they must go through on a daily basis to be heard. "If Wishes Were Horses" (beggars would ride) true (and one of my Ma's favorite songs.. mine, too, of course).

Update: Corbin/Hanner are not only "back", they have a new website filled with the band's history, show dates, many CDs with music clips and more! Glad I found ya guys! You're tops!

Corbin/Hanner Web Site


CD-JustAnotherHill.jpg (6075 bytes)
CD, "Just Another Hill To Climb"

Corbin/Hanner CDs Available Here


Matthews,Wright & King

Matthews Wright And King

Yea, I know! I snuck a Trio in here on ya. :) Call it "artistic license" or better yet.. "poetic justice"! Naomi Judd summed it up quite well, "These guys stand for real country music, and to me are the three 'H's': Harmony, Humor, and Handsome." Raymond Matthews, Woody Wright, and Tony King have captured the hearts and ears of such greats as Vince Gill, Naomi Judd, and Reba. Reba said, "I grew up singing harmony with my brothers and sisters and have always loved the sound of those tight family harmonies. Matthews, Wright, and King are not brothers but their ability to blend harmonies can only be compared to the family harmony sound." Songs on their album "Power Of Love" (1992) such as "Leavin' Reasons", "For A Moment There", "Someone's Child", "Every Time She Says Yes" give full testimony to the raves of their why aren't they on the radio???????????

I've been informed through a reliable source that Matthews, Wright and King are no longer together. I don't have solid confirmation on this, but if this is a fact, it stands as a sad commentary and perfect example of what is happening in the music industry today.


CD-Power-of-Love.jpg (9898 bytes)
CD, "The Power Of Love"


Matthews,Wright & King CDs Available Here


Don and Darryl Ellis

Don and Daryll Ellis

Unlike the others listed here, Don and Darryl did not write ALL the songs on their album "No Sir" (1992) but they did have a hand in penning a few of them. The collaboration of these brother's voices are more than enough to make you take notice and want more. Beautiful music, harmonies and songs.....what more do you need? Maybe someone to listen would help?

Earlier this week, a fan of the Ellis's wrote to me in search of the album, "No Sir".  I not only found that album, but also the one recorded in 1993, "Day In The Sun". Thanks to Debbie Rigdon, wife of singer, songwriter Clay Rigdon, I know where Don Ellis is. - "If you're looking for Don Ellis in PERSON, you can find him at "Denim & Diamonds" on Thursday nights, where he hosts a fabulous Writer's Night."

Debbie also provided this photo from the Writer's Nite gang
DonEllis-WritersNite.jpg (21600 bytes)

Donna Wilson of "Inside The Song" also wrote:
"Hi Marli,  I not only have "No Sir", I am acquainted with Don Ellis and he will be playing at my Cafe soon.  This is one talented singer/songwriter."
Donna Wilson
DonEllis-sm.jpg (8375 bytes)

Don Ellis

Many thanks to my friends, Debbie and Clay Rigdon for getting this autographed photo of Don Ellis for me when Clay performed with Don... and Thanks to Don for the autograph and pic! (8-18-02)
Click on the photo for larger view.

Darryl-DonEllis-CD-NoSir.jpg (20690 bytes)
"No Sir"  1992

Darryl-DonEllis-CD-DayInTheSun.jpg (20565 bytes)
"Day in the Sun" - 1993

Don and Darryl Ellis CDs Available Here

Daryll-Allie.jpg (5664 bytes)
10-19-06 Darryl & Allie Gatlin

I received a message from Darryl & Allie's webmaster that they had a website. You have to check it out! It's beautifully done and the music is spectacular.
FYI: Ellis is actually Don's middle name and the 2 brothers chose to use that as their stage name when they recorded together. Darryl now performs with his wife, Allie who is equally talented.
Darryl & Allie Gatlin

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