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Song clips have been added to enhance your introduction to the artists.

      Rob Crosby

Rob Crosby

Rob is another man who's loaded with talent when it comes to creating as well as delivering music. His song, "Good Ain't Good Enough" is a heartbreaking ballad... however, the title also sums up what has happened in country music over the past decade....and Rob is more than good enough!

Update: Rob has his own website up with MORE albums and info for all his fans! The following info came from Rob's bio page:

His number one and top ten songs are:

"Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride
"She's More" by Andy Griggs
"Holdin' a Good Hand" by Lee Greenwood
"She's a Natural" by Rob Crosby
"Love Will Bring Her Around" by Rob Crosby
"Burnin' For You" by Rob Crosby

Other artists who have recorded his songs include:

Carl Perkins
Paul Simon
Restless Heart
Eddie Raven
Boy Howdy
Victoria Shaw
Phillip Claypool
Ronna Reeves
Lila McCAnn
Tim Rushlow
Neal Coty
Ty Herndon
The Wilkinsons
Darryl Worley
Paul Overstreet
Kristin Garner
The Osmond Brothers
And triple-platinum European artist Ilse DeLange.
With three nationally released albums and eight chart singles, Rob has toured with Travis Tritt, Reba and Brooks & Dunn, and has opened shows for Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Restless Heart, George Jones and others.

To find out more about Rob Crosby and his career, and NEW ALBUMS please visit his website:   Rob Crosby

CD-SolidGround.jpg (5671 bytes)
CD, "Solid Ground" (1990)

CD-AnotherTimeAndPlace.jpg (5964 bytes)
CD, "Another Time and Place" (1992)


Rob Crosby CDs Available Here

George Ducas

George Ducas

George Ducas has at least managed to be heard... but not enough. His first album "George Ducas" (1994) made the charts with the cuts, "Kisses Don't Lie" and "Lipstick Promises"......then nothing. I haven't heard his music played (except on my stereo) since. His second album "Where I Stand" (1996..... yea... and it has just recently hit the stores) has had great reviews and they are well deserved.... have you heard it on the radio yet? Me neither!

As you can obviously tell from reading the above, it was written quite a long time ago, but I am still a fan of George Ducas. I was fortunate enough to find another fan/friend of his who is also a reviewer in Nashville. Tamara has granted me permission to use the review she did of George's first album. I love it, it's brief and to the point.

Reviewer:   American Roots "American Roots Publishing" (Nashville, TN United States)
Although George had hits with two of the tracks from this CD, "Teardrops" and "Lipstick Promises," the album never got the attention it deserved due to some breakdowns at his record label. Every song on this CD is a winner and George truly showcases his gift for writing great melodies and lyrics. If you like guitar-driven music, you'll love this record. Favorite cuts are "Lipstick Promises," "My World Stopped Turning," "Hello Cruel World," and "Kisses Don't Lie." George went on to write songs for the Dixie Chicks, Gary Allan, Garth Brooks and Radney Foster.

Tamara Saviano
American Roots Publishing
1603 Horton Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212
TEMPORARY OFFICE #615-385-1233
Office: 615-298-2009
Cell: 615-400-0388

CD-GeorgeDucas.jpg (5919 bytes)
CD, "George Ducas"


CD-FromWhereIStand.jpg (5872 bytes)
CD, "From Where I Stand"

George Ducas CDs Available Here


Michael White

Michael White

"Familiar Ground" (1992) is a beautiful album. I actually bought it by accident. I'm a blonde.... but this time it paid off! Michael (as many of my favorite male singers) has that deep soulful voice that I just can't resist. If you love real country music, deep and soulful, you'll love Michael White!


CD-FamiliarGround.jpg (3275 bytes)
CD, "Familiar Ground"

Purchase "Familiar Ground" Here


Billy Yates

BillyYates.jpg (9767 bytes)It's impossible to understand how Sony/Columbia Records had Billy Yates under contract for THREE years and did nothing to promote his talent as a singer or a songwriter. Billy has written some of the best country songs, for many of the best country artists such as George Jones ("I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair"), Ricky Van Shelton ("A Bridge I Didn't Burn"), and many, many more.

A fan wrote to me about Billy;
"Billy had a deal at the now defunct Almo Sounds label (around '97) with a minor hit called "Flowers" which could have really gone far if not for some bad planning. He was tied up with Sony/Columbia for 3 years in a record deal that was going nowhere. He's now an independent & has a new album entitled, "If I Could Go Back" with a single called, "Too Country & Proud of It". This boy is the REAL DEAL for anyone that loves good traditional country music."

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Official Billy Yates Website

You'll find TWO of Billy's albums for sale on his site and you can download the full mp3 of "Too Country and Proud of It" for FREE!

MORE Billy Yates CDs Available Here



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