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Song clips have been added to enhance your introduction (or re-introduction) to the artists.

Skip Ewing

Skip EwingI can only pray that you recognize this man's face, music, and voice...... "Naturally", "I Wish I Were Somebody Else", "I Get The Picture", "I Don't Have Far To Fall", "It's You Again", "The Coast Of Colorado"..... Skip is a treasure to country music .....loved and respected by anyone who's ever even thought of gracing a stage to send a message through song. Skip's words and music have been sung by nearly every country singer in the business. You'll recognize his works of art sung by other stars such as "Love Me"-Collin Raye, "Someone Else's Star" and "Rebecca Lynn"-Bryan White, "I Can Buy My Own Roses", "Back Among The Living", "You Leave Me Like This"-Lorrie Morgan, "All I Do Is Love Her", "Heartbreak School"-James Bonamy, "Ants On A Log"-Randy Travis, "There's Only You"-Kevin Sharp, and my all time favorite "If I Were A Painting"-Clinton Gregory...... The list is endless but I think you get the idea.

SkipEwing-CD-HomegrownLove150.jpg (3298 bytes)
CD, " Homgrown Love"

SjipEwing-CD-AHealingFire150.jpg (2785 bytes)
CD, "A Healing Fire"
SkipEwing-CD-UntilIFoundYou150.jpg (2870 bytes)
CD, "Until I Found You"
SkipEwing-CD-Naturally150.jpg (3837 bytes)
CD, "Naturally"

Skip Ewing CDs Available Here

Official Skip Ewing Web Site


Larry Boone

Larry Boone

Larry Boone...wonderful songwriter, with a deep rich voice made to fit his words and music. Odds are you haven't heard Larry on the radio...odds are you haven't EVER even heard of Larry at all...but pay attention to the credits of songwriters of your favorite singers and you're bound to find Larry's name among the credits. Don't just accept his talents delivered by others.....His albums are available online......get one and find out for yourself......He's like tater won't stop at one.

Larry Boone CDs Available Here


SwinginDoorsSawdustFloors150.jpg (3095 bytes)
CD - "Swingin' Doors, Sawdust Floors"

DownThatRiverRoad150.jpg (3252 bytes)
CD - "Down That River Road"


Jesse Hunter

Jesse Hunter

Once again, I have the Cleveland Country Music Festival to thank for my introduction to Jesse Hunter. I'd thank the local stations even more if they'd play his music!!! His deep rich voice is more than enough to attract attention with just one note....just one look at him completes the picture! His album "A Man Like Me" (1994) is one you'll definitely want in your collection.

As with many of the greats, this is the only known CD of Jesse Hunter...  or I should say, "that I know of". There are folks looking to find others, but so far, no luck.


CD-AManLikeMe.jpg (3732 bytes)
CD, "A Man Like Me"

Purchase "A Man Like Me" Here


Jamie O'Hara

Jamie O'Hara

"Rise Above It" is Jamie's first release on his own, but he is not new to country music. He was the other half of the O'Kanes and has also had his music delivered to your ears through other voices. You may remember his song, "50,000 Names On The Wall" which received some airplay for a while in the 90s. Then a year or so ago, the ol' opossum himself, George Jones recorded it and it was a hit... speaking of hits...  does the tile, "The Cold Hard Truth" ring any bells for you??

Jamie is an excellent songwriter who's soft, easy voice speaks volumes through his music. As well as George did with "50,000 Names", I still prefer Jamie's version. When all is said and done, I would say Jamie is having a wonderful career because so many stars have gotten top notch hits from his songwriting prowess.


JaimeOHara-CD-RiseAboveIt-sm.jpg (2713 bytes)
CD, "Rise Above It"

Purchase Jamie O'Hara CDs Here


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