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Steve Kolander

A style so unigue, a voice so pure and clean, a heart that beats for his music ....Steve loses himself in his music, body and soul....and I mean that literally. His long, lean body instinctively follows his music in fluid movements as he performs which only adds to the entertainment and entrances his fans as they, too, lose themselves in his music. This page is a small introdution to the kid who grew up dodgin' swats from his dad as he and his siblings made fun of dad's favorite yodelin' country singers, then grew up to be one of them.

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the 60's, Steve's family moved to Texas when he was "just a pup" (as he puts it). Steve earned a degree in advertising at the University of Texas in Austin then headed out to L.A. where he was discovered by Dwight Yokum's bass player who heard him singing in his house, knocked on the door and offered to help him begin a music career. These circumstances lead me to believe just what I felt the first time I heard Steve Kolander.....he was born for music. It's a natural part of him. Just as a river flows into the ocean...the words and music flow from Steve as a natural force.

Steve has been compared to Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chris Isaacs, and many others. Due to the combination of music that influenced him throughout his life, it's apparent that some of these styles exist, but his songs are purely Steve Kolander...distinct, inviting, and originally addictive.

His first album, "Steve Kolander" (1994) received air time on the radio for with "Listen To Your Woman" and "Black Dresses". His second album, "Pieces Of The Puzzle" (1996) is equally entertaining but Steve hasn't had great luck with getting the promotion and airplay he deserves. This one we can't blame on the radio stations but a chain of events concerning the recording label that left things out of Steve's control.

Steve said about his first album, "Steve Kolander", "Incredibly, my first single, 'Listen To Your Woman', written by Ed Tree and myself, went to #57 in the Billboard charts. And number #7 in the Americana charts. The record label didn't even have a promotions staff to call the radio stations to play it. By the grace of God, it just happened."

I rest my case, Steve. It's been a struggle to be heard, but it was meant to be and it WILL "be". They say the 3rd time is a charm so let's just go with that cliche and make it a reality. Talent such as this is meant to be shared with the world and it's Steve's turn to take the spotlight.

Steve is currently working on his third album while shopping for a new record label.

CD-Steve Kolander
1994 River North Nashville Records. All rights reserved.
Can't Undo What's Been Done

Listen To Your Woman

Black Dresses

Taken For Granted

Drowning Man

Can't Tame Your Love

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Let's Dance

Blue O'Clock

Full Moon Fever

More Music Available on Steve's Homepage
along with his bio and the scoop on his recording career to date.
CD-Pieces Of The Puzzle
1996 River North Nashville Records.. All rights reserved.

Buy Steve Kolander CDs Here


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