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 krname.gif (8617 bytes) Kimmie Rhodes

Willie Nelson says Kimmie Rhodes is "an undiscovered superstar." It was due to Willie that I discovered Kimmie which gave me yet another reason for my devotion to him. Not only is Willie one of the most talented country music artists of several generations, he's always given his support to great talents, such as Kimmie.

Kimmie Rhodes is a native Texan who began her singing career at the age of six with her family gospel trio. She grew up in Lubbock, Texas. She says her daddy gave her dimes to sing gospel songs for his buddies when she was six years old, and she hasn't stopped singing since.

Joe Nick said, "If West Texas had a voice I think it would be Kimmie Rhodes. Her nightingale's warble is as plaintive the flat plains, pure as the untainted air, as big as the endless horizon, as wild and free as the wind. That alone is plenty of reason to warm up to her music, but the fact that would overlook her ability to write songs so compelling and universal that stars like Wynnona cover her material or deny a presence so appealing that friends like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Townes Van Zandt and Joe Ely volunteer to lend their voices to hers. She'll make you dance, she'll make you listen and most of all she'll make you glad that there are a few folks left on the planet who make music for the pure joy of it."

Believe it or not, Joe's powerful description of Kimmie and her music is an understatement, but I couldn't find better words to begin to tell you about this innately talented woman. To put it briefly, Kimmie is like the modern-day proverbial "chill pill"; a good dose of Kimmie will mellow you out.

Another of Kimmie's biggest fans and supporters is her husband/producer, Joe Gracey, who is a multi-talented man in his own right as well as being just a plain, down to earth, good person. Joe has his own unique story which you can also learn about on Kimmie's homepage.


Hard Promises To Keep
(w/Willie Nelson)

Wild Roses 

Be Mine
(w/Waylon Jennings)

* I'm Not An Angel 

All songs are Copyright 1996, Justice Records - All Rights Reserved
All songs on "West Texas Heaven" written by Kimmie Rhodes
All songs Produced by Joe Gracey and Kimmie Rhodes
* "Im Not An Angel" Produced by John Leventhal



Please visit Kimmie Rhodes "West Texas Heaven" for all the latest information, bio, pics, lots more music and most importantly, to find out about the latest CD!

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