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More About Keith Palmer

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On 4-18-2004 I received the following email from Tony Morgan


I was reading your Keith Palmer page. I worked with Keith for about a year or better..... when he first came to town. He was the keyboard player and I was the bass player for Marty Martel in those days. We were room mates on the road.... I was there the night Keith met his second wife (Brenda) at the Yellow Rose in Des Monies Iowa. Keith was a great singer..... we had a very good vocal trio at one time. I think I still have a bunch of photos from those days... of us on a cruise and some promo shots of the band.
When Keith played his show case in Nashville..... I played bass for him that night.

I remember calling him (collect) when he got his first (b side single) cut with Charley Pride... just to congratulate him.

We drifted apart over the years.... I never knew Keith was sick. I moved to White House TN.... in '96 and didn't know Keith lived there also.
Then I heard of his passing. I felt bad I didn't get to see him one last time.

Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth.

DiamondRio.gif (2653 bytes)Tony Morgan, MCSC
Diamond Rio

About Tony: Tony has been with the Diamond Rio for 12 years. He designed and maintains and also tours with the band. Tony designs all of the Diamond Rio Merchandise and sells it on the road with the band.

On 7-20-06 I received the following email from Sean Brady


I have included 3 links to your excellent MKOC website; the first link is one for your home page, the second is one for the Keith palmer (RIP) dedicated page, and the third link is one for the Gene Watson dedicated page.

All 3 links are included on the following page within my Gene Watson-dedicated website, which is based in Ireland & is 'unofficial':

Thank you for your time.

Sean Brady


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