Joe Tinoco
A Star In The Making

August/Sept. 1998



jt-bw-sing.jpg (19936 bytes)With a deep, rich voice of pure country, Joe Tinoco will simply take your breath away.

I’m not one to compare one artist to another, but if I had to chose an example, I would have to say Joe is right up there with Wade Hayes in style, tone, talent and yes, even demeanor. For all his talent and his obvious appeal to the ladies as a "hunk", Joe is a humble, down to earth, true gentleman. His smile is infectious and his sense of humor matches his sense of honor. In a nutshell, Joe Tinoco has everything it takes to rise to the top of his field!

His fan-released tape, "Country Angel", begins with a beautiful ballad, "Angel", which Joe wrote for his wife, Tamra. There’s no way I can possibly describe how Joe’s heartfelt delivery of this song will sear into your heart and soul. "Don’t You Blame This On Me" is another lovely ballad of "rainbows turned to dust" as love grows cold. "Lady Liberty" is a patriotic up-tempo tune of freedom and justice. "Giddy Up Pickup Truck" is a lively and fun filled, "gotta dance to it" song! "Little Things" takes a turn that you don’t expect as it states, "Though she hasn’t said the words, ‘I love you’, it’s OK, she is mine to hold".....speaking of the little things she does to hold his love. Toward the end you find out why.... "I know she’s mine, I’ll give her time, she’s only nine months old." The ballad, "What Should I Do" is the final song, but in no way the least of them. While there are only 6 songs on this tape, they are all treasures. How many albums do you have where you skip songs to get to the good ones? You won’t do this on Joe’s album. The only letdown will be that there aren’t more songs.

Joe’s accomplishments and start in the business are almost as facinating as his music. At the ripe old age of 27, Joe Tinoco has accomplished more than most can imagine. Joe began performing in grade school and by the time he was in his junior year at Olathe North High School, in Olathe, Kansas, he was being booked as a singer, impressionist, model, actor, television and stage personality. Joe didn't settle for this as having accomplished enough. He went on to win several major dance contests and still takes first prize today with his wife, Tamra Holden/Tinoco. Think that's enough? No way! Joe played the part of a young defendant in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Bridge starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Joe said of the movie, "I enjoyed working with Paul Newman. His first question to me was, 'What is there to do in Kansas City?'" Joe obviously didn't have a problem finding things to occupy his time! Joe also played a role in Stephan King's thriller "Sometimes They Come Back" as well as the film, "Kansas City".

So what about Joe the singer/songwriter? Funny you should ask! Joe went to Branson, Mo. after winning a talent contest at Tony James' "That's Show Biz Contest". He spent 4 years in Branson, MO. opening for stars such as Moe Bandy. Joe said he became convinced that show business was his calling when he was the opening act for Moe Bandy.

From Branson, Joe was called to Nashville, TN. by Opryland to appear in the production, "Hear America Singing" and also appeared on the "Grand Ole Opry" show. Since 1988 Joe has opened for Clint Black, Johnny Rodriquez, Lorrie Morgan, Larry Boone, Ronnie McDowell, Jerry Reed, Freddy Fender, Vern Gosdin, Skip Ewing, Michael Twitty, Barbara Fairchild, Cristy Lane, Dan Seals, Marty Haggard, Mel McDaniel, Freddy Hart, Stonewall Jackson, Melba Montgomery, Jeannie Seely, John Conlee, Faron Young, Ferlin Husky, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ray Price, Connie Smith, Justin Tubb and Marvin Rainwater....just to mention a few! His favorite opening act was for Ronnie McDowell. Joe opened several times for Ronnie and Ronnie once told him, "One of these days I'll see you on the Country Music Academy awards show." Ronnie's well deserved praise served to motivate Joe even more.

Joe wore many hats in Nashville aside from his stetson. He performed several times at the Nashville Palace "Where the Stars are Born" in 1992 where he also worked as a bus-boy. He appeared in IFCO FAN FAIR show cases in '90, '92, "94 and '96 and did a benefit at the Hall Of Fame In Nashville in 1993.What are Joe's plans for the future? You name it, Joe's gonna try it and be a success at it! He has recently signed with Disney to perform on the new Disney Cruise Ship. Tamra is also signed up with Disney and will be going on the cruise as part of the Disney Show. Tamra has been a backup singer for many big names in country music and is an exceptional talent in her own right. Joe was also called upon for a starring role in an up coming movie, "The Sonoran Ghost". The movie is based on the true story of a legendary Spanish hero.

With all this in store, how will Joe ever find time to make his music? Not to worry. Anyone who can accomplish all of the above and more in such a short time, will be wowing his fans with a released recording in no time. Talent and energy like this just can't fail!

Find out how you can purchase Joe's Fan-Released Tape and other merchandise on his website at or write his Fan Club at:

Fans For Joe Tinoco
118 N. Keeler
Olathe KS 66061913-764-0426

E-Mail Joe Tinoco

Written by Marlene Slater of MKOC

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