Steve Dickinson

Steve Dickinson's HomepageWhen you write for a country music newspaper coupled to being a country music DJ then it is to be expected that a lot of information and albums will be sent to you. Some are really good, some are good, some are poor and some are just a total waste of space. But every so often along comes a package from someone you have never heard of before and you just know instantly that Yes! This is something special.

Well, that was the case just recently when I received a package from a Canadian artist by the name of Steve Dickinson. Steve came to hear of  The Gazette and  me through my research of country music on the Internet for an article printed elsewhere in this issue.

I opened the package and thought that I would give it a listen so I threw it on the shelf where it sat for some three days ‘MISTAKE’.

As soon as I put his album into the machine I was transfixed, here was a talented singer/songwriter and what was totally unbelievable was that this guy does not have a major recording deal.

Steve puts himself into the category of country-rocker and that is where he definitely deserves to be. I was reminded of early Lee Roy Parnell/T Graham Brown, country rock at it truest and purest form. I played the album the whole way through and immediately stuck it on repeat.

The only shame about Steve Dickinson and his album is that he is not that well known outside of his native Canada. With no major recording contact and all the hype that goes with it I am afraid that not that many people outside Canada will have had the privilege of hearing first rate music from a guy that has a voice that has to be heard to be believed.

If you are on the Internet then you can get to listen to Steve’s music by visiting his web site at If not then you can get his material by contacting him direct at Steve Dickinson, R.R.#2 Kemble, Ont. Canada. N0H 1S0 Ph:519 371 5874.

Better still, let us hope that one of the big record companies gets off it’s rear and signs this guy, if they don’t it is surely a loss for people who want quality music.
Written By: Paul Farnell
The Country Music Gazette
Tel: 01144 (0)1977 556568
Fax: 01144 (0)1977 558137

Visit Steve Dickinson's Homepage For More Details

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