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Tecia McKennaaMotivation is the key to success in any field, particularly in the highly competitive world of music. The fulfilment of one's ambition comes only to those who are willing to pursue it with all their being. Agreeing with this philosophy, that doers are achievers, is Tecia McKenna, a strawberry blond haired, blue eyed beauty who was born, of all places, in Seville, Spain.

Now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Tecia has chalked up an impressive list of credits. Her latest release, "Off The Beaten Path", is a project with 10 original co-written songs detailing the ups and downs of her life. She once said on a radio program, "If I had to go through pain in order to write, I'd be glad to give it up but I now know the importance of growth that comes through those life experiences, both good and bad."

Other accomplishments include singles in the top 10 Independent charts, appearances at night clubs, concerts, fairs, festivals and on the stage of the Grand Old Opry. It was there, she not only had the chance to demonstrate her expertise on the guitar, but also to show her bilingual abilities and proved her international appeal.

Tecia started singing and dancing at the age of three, she was notorious for going through her mother's closet and coming out ready to perform. She continued on with her ambitions while attending school, where she accomplished her music educational goals by formally studying music theory, drama and concert choir. It was her love for music that prompted her to follow her heart, she entered a competition in Virginia and won first place in the vocal category. From that victory she went on to form a bluegrass band which eventually grew into a popular regional act that toured throughout the East Coast.

Declaring a deep admiration for all styles of music, Tecia cites such artists as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin and Keith Whitley as personal favourites. "These performers share the same ideas about music as I do - keep the music pure, it's that simple." Just like these artists, she likes writing and singing about real life situations and is dedicated to presenting a wholesome but fun approach to her music.

When considering professional goals, she wants to carry on the standard established by county artist, Pam Tillis. "I want to continue proving that women can write great songs, have a great time doing what they love and not be afraid to show their strengths and weaknesses."

Her experiences over the past few years have brought her to a spiritual awakening that prepared her to share her life, through song, with the rest of the world. "I had to go through a lot of emotional growth in order to get to the place, where I knew with all my heart, the most important thing in my life was my music." She came to Nashville to develop her writing skills and credits her bilingual ability to becoming a better songwriter. "When you have to speak more than one language, you realise how differently people communicate. It forces me to look at things from different perspectives and to communicate in a way where all sides can be understood." Her song writing is a direct reflection of her life. Though she has impressed many with her personality packed performances and writing skills, it is her attitude and drive that endears her to those who know her best.

In her spare time, she enjoys horse back riding and horticulture. But even with these activities, her mind is ever on music and her career. "I am working on a life long career in the music business and I'm willing to devote whatever it takes to accomplish and sustain this goal." It is this persistence, along with great talent, that will allow Tecia to fulfil her dreams.

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