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9-5-03  Debbie Miles to Perform for Maytag Company Picnic

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Dazzling and dynamic country music artist/entertainer Debbie Miles will make her debut on The Great Southern Opry in Muscle Shoals, AL on Saturday June 9. The Great Southern Opry is a live country music show and will be broadcast live in part each week. The show is a production of WYLE-TV, and is performed before a live audience of approximately 1,000. Karen White, ETC Communications Executive Vice President said "We at WYLE-TV have long wanted to do more to spotlight the great musical talents that we have in this area, and we believe there is no better way to do so than to have a family oriented show that is fun and affordable for all. The live show will be on stage from 7 PM to approximately 10 PM each Saturday evening and will feature artists from around the South as well as headliners on some weekends. The main back-up band, the "Back-Up Express" will feature some of Muscle Shoals better known musicians. The show is also being recorded, using multiple cameras and state of the art technology, and is being offered to other broadcasters throughout the nation.

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Debbie with Bill Mack, & Willie Nelson

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CAF Benefit Concert

Debbie was a major hit when she performed for the Child Alert Foundation's (CAF) first country music benefit which was sponsored by Music Creations Unlimited! Donating her time, talent, and a percentage of her record sales, not to mention travel expenses, Debbie demonstrated that her heart is every bit as huge as her talent and showmanship!

Debbie proved to be a top-notch crowd pleaser entrancing the entire audience with her energy, vocals and shining eyes that clearly demonstrated her love of performing as well as her love of people. From the little children to the oldest of the adults, Debbie won the hearts of the entire crowd who became instant fans.

On behalf of the entire staff of CAF would like to thank Debbie Miles for her unselfish giving and generosity to save the children! You're a true professional and a lovely person, Debbie!
Thank you, Marlene Slater
Cofounder of CAF

"To all Debbie's fans and New fans..if you missed the Jan 30th performance for The Child Alert Foundation, you missed a Great show. All I can say about Debbie is WOW. She energized the crowd until I thought the roof would come off. Do yourself a favor and make sure you catch a performace of this GREAT performer. And to Debbie...What a beautiful Lady with a Huge heart. We love you and we will never forget you. And if there's anything we can do for you,
you know my number."
Jimmy Williams of Music Creations Unllimited

Benefit Concert Pictures

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