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Debbie Meets Bill Mack & Willie Nelson

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Debbie with Bill Mack, & Willie Nelson

willie-deb-bill.jpg (18309 bytes)On March the 25 and 26th, Debbie was invited to Louisville Ky, to the Mid America Truck Show where Bill Mack broadcasts his Midnight Cowboy Truck Show live. She had the privilege of guesting on the show along with the legendary Willie Nelson.

Bill-Deb.jpg (18198 bytes)Mr. Mack has taken an interest in Debbie's new album, What Are We Waiting For, and especially the song, "You Ain't Been Worth A Dime". The song is receiving serious airplay on Mr. Mack's syndicated show which is broadcast nationwide on various stations.

Debbie says meeting and talking with Mr. Mack was truly a highlight in her singing career.   She was quoted in a recent interview to say that "Willie Nelson is truly a man worthy of his legendary status. Never was there an entertainer more humble and appreciative of his fans. "

"I loved then both from the moment I met them. They were very gracious and hospitable to me. I met Bill's wife, Cindy also. She is a very sweet person and a hard worker"

D&B.jpg (20611 bytes)" I have had the honor of meeting and working with several of the legends in the country music field, and I'm impressed with with the gratitude and humility of these great artists. Willie is very much like my mentor and friend, Jack Greene. They both have such a genuine caring for their fans.
You can tell when a person is sincere and when they're not and these people are really saints in the music business in my eyes. I hope to someday be half as great as they are, and to always appreciate my fans no matter how long the road has been, how many shows I've done, or how tired I am. I love them for this"

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