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Child Alert Foundation

Visit Child Alert Foundation for the most updated list of missing children, runaways, and missing adults.

Rachael Anne Hall Has Been Found!!!!!!!
Thu, 29 Apr 1999
From: C J Hall
To: Child Alert Foundation (CAF)

"Rachel was picked up down south and her mother is going to get her. I would like to thank Marlene, and all who
helped me in my hour of need!!!! I Bless You All and ask you to fight the good fight.If you have need of me I am at
your comand. God Bless you all. C J Hall"

CAF would like to thank all of you who took a few moments out of your day to pass on the "Missing Child Report" as well as printout the poster! You're caring and help is invaluable and was obviously time well spent!


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The Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System


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