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"TUBFRIM" - An organisation in Nesbyen, who collects used postage stamps, sorts and packets them. The finished product is then sold; the money acquired is distributed for the benefit of handicapped children. Owing to the spread of modern technology, fax, e-mail etc, fewer stamps are being used, consequently fewer are being sent to Tubfrim. The ultimate sufferers are the children. . Even with fewer stamps being sent in Tubfrim enjoyed record sales in 1998.

All the work is done on a voluntary basis. In 1998 Tubfrim was able to distirbute to handicapped children's oganisations in Norway the sum of 475,000Nk (approx $60,000), not bad for an organisation that has four unpaid helpers and a manager.

Save every stamp that you can, together with used telephone cards that are fast becoming collectors items.

Send to - Tubfrim, 3540 Nesbyen, Norway.

Or you can send to your local 'Sons of Norway'…they have an arrangement where they can forward packages to ' TUBFRIM *

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Child Alert Foundation

Child Alert Foundation (CAF) - The Child Alert Foundation is the focal point for providing immediate notification for the cooperative effort between local media (radio/TV) and law enforcement agencies. This program will identify the target city of an abduction and locate participating radio/TV stations as well as police departments and support organizations within a 100 mile radius notifying the surrounding community in seconds/minutes.

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