Boots 'n' Saddles

Boots 'N' Saddles
Radio Hallingdal, Nesbyen, Norway

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Where is the West Wild? ...
...Down Town Nesbyen!!

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'Boots 'n Saddles' is a weekly Country Music program for country music lovers everywhere. Coming to a radio near you, from Radio Hallingdal's Studio in Nesbyen.

God Bless

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Our Mission

At Boots 'n' Saddles, we not only play the hits, we help make hits for independant artists struggling to be heard. There are tons of country music fans in Norway and we cater to their needs by supplying real country music from around the world.

See Radio Hallingdal Frequency Page For a Station Near You

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We remember once again,
the sacrifice of those brave men,
who died in conflicts, not long gone,
believing there would come a dawn,
when peace would reign,
and life would be safe, and free.

Oh, when will mankind cease to fight,
And know two wrongs cannot make a right?


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