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Boots-n-Saddles Radio w/DJ Alex Cullum!One of my passions is country music and I am the DJ for Boots 'n' Saddles Radio Show at Radio Hallingdal. Visit my BnS site to find out all the latest about the show, my friends and country music. Be sure to check out the News Forum for the latest country updates from around the globe!

Another passion of mine is traveling and meeting new people. Above are all the countries I've visited   (create your own visited country map or check our Costa Rica travel guide)


Magedanser.jpg (5339 bytes)My favourite holiday place is Turkey. It is exciting to be in a country that has stood on the crossroads between East and the West for over a thousand years. The main crossroad for the silk and spice trains.

<--- Alex dressed up as Turkish Dancer.


If I were asked to invite someone to dinner, who would they be and why? My grandmother I think, I would like to thank her for her efforts on my behalf, and it must have been difficult trying to raise a rebel.


If I were asked, What has been your proudest moment? It would be a difficult question to answer, because in my own quiet way I have accomplished so much.
I suppose I would have to answer my proudest moment came on the day that I realised that I was relatively normal.


I have been married, and divorced. I do not have any children.

I am about 5’ 11’’, and my build is average. Although I could afford to lose a few pounds.

My education has been good, being educated up to Graduate level in politics and Social studies.

I am an ethnic Caucasian, describing myself as a Scot, who is living in Norway.

I have lived in Norway since 1982. I am now a Norwegian citizen, since about three years ago.

I think I am a Christian. Although I would better describe myself as a 'wanting to believe' sceptic…at the same time feeling that there is someone…something who guides me. I think that is called ‘hedging your bets’.

I believe that our lives are pre-written, that we can change small things, but basically nearly everything is decided previously.

I speak English and Norwegian. English is my mother language. Norwegian is the language I use every day.

I don’t smoke. I would encourage everyone to stop. I used to be a two pack a day smoker, and gave it up overnight. At midnight on the 31st December 1994, I made a resolution ' never again ' so far it's worked out OK. I cannot say that I have not missed it. I really do miss the social side of a smoke and a coffee.

I drink occasionally, mostly on social occasions. I like good wines, preferably with a good cheese and good lively conversation. As I am Scottish, my favourite tipple is a good and aged single malt whisky, preferably ‘Laphroaig’ or ‘Talisker’.

My hobbies are writing, reading, and cooking.

I enjoy watching most sports. I am fascinated with the Chinese exercises ‘Ta’i Chi’, but I have never tried it. Where I live it is very difficult to receive instruction. When I was last in Hong Kong, I saw, literally thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life taking part in these exercises in open places everywhere.

I am a chronic arthritic and feel that the gentle movements of Ta’i Chi would be beneficial to many who suffer with limited ability for movement.

I have played golf and squash and loved both, especially Golf. I can think of nothing that is more relaxing and enjoyable than to be out on the Golf course, battling with Mother Nature and your own sense of honesty. I can still feel the thrill of seeing Jack Niclaus on the back nine of the 'Old Course' and watching the ' White Shark ' in his Hey day.

To relax I like to watch a good film, my all time favourite film is ‘From Here to Eternity’, Frank Sinatras performance was one of his best, and I feel that his part in that film made his flagging career take off again.

My favourite authors are Tom Clancy, Wilbur Smith, John Grisham and James Clavell, there are so many.

I enjoy the classics, Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte, in fact I enjoy most books.

My favourite types of music are Country, Classical, Pop, Dance, Latin, Tango and Salsa. I enjoy any music that has a good rhythm and soul. I even enjoy watching 'Texas Line Dancing'. It looks fascinating.

In Oslo our capital city, there are clubs that specialise in tango, salsa and Texas line dancing.

I like Julio Inglesias, Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker, nearly all the present Country singers, Chico and the Gypsies, Elton John and of course the one and only ‘RIVERDANCE’.

I admit that it takes very little for me to move to the rhythm, whatever the type of music or whenever the music starts.

I am not usually the first on the dance floor, but I am not far behind, and believe me that is a laugh, to see me trying to tango or salsa.

I like to travel. I have been to most places in the world through my job, so holiday travel has to be a little bit different. I once had fourteen days holiday, on a camel’s back, touring with Bedouin Arabs in the Sahara, a fantastic experience, never to be forgotten.

To see the sun come up in the east so early in the morning was magnificent.

My favourite places to travel to are Madeira, Turkey, France and Spain.

I like most foods. Especially a typical English Sunday lunch. Roast beef, and roast potatoes with Yorkshire pudding.

I like gourmet food and good wines.

I enjoy cooking for friends, sitting in the kitchen and serving the food straight from the stove.

With good wine and good conversation, for me there is nothing better.

My address is Alex Cullum, PB 135, 3540 Nesbyen. E-mail  


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