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About me…

I am a very tolerant person, who still has a gleam in his eye . I rarely prejudge a person, not wanting to be prejudged myself.

One of my favourite holiday places is Turkey. To be in a country that has stood on the crossroads between East and the West for over a thousand years is exciting . The main crossroad for the silk and spice trains, from the East to the West. A country that has had a culture long before Christ was born.

If I were asked to invite someone to dinner, who would they be and why? My grandmother I think, I would like to thank her for her efforts on my behalf, and it must have been difficult trying to raise a rebel.

If I were asked… What has been your proudest moment? It would be a difficult question to answer, because in my own quiet way I have accomplished so much.  I suppose I would have to answer my proudest moment came on the day that I realised that the state of my health was not enough to stop me achieving the goals I had set myself.

I am about 5' 11'', and my build is average. Although I could afford to lose a few pounds… to be honest more than a few.

My education has been good, being educated up to Graduate level in politics and Social studies. I have always tried to help others who need help.

'There but for the Grace of God go I'

I am ethnic Caucasian. Describing myself as a Scot, who is living in Norway. I have lived in Norway since 1982. I have been a Norwegian citizen, since 1995. I think I am a Christian. Although I would better describe myself as a 'wanting to believe' sceptic…at the same time feeling that there is someone…something who guides me. I think that is called 'hedging your bets'.

I believe that our lives are pre-written, that we can change small things, but basically nearly everything is decided previously.

I speak English, Norwegian, French. English is my mother language. Norwegian is the language I use every day.


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